Gloves off in Tonse Alliance fight


Cadres of Tonse Alliance have cried out over their leaders’ failure to give them jobs in the new government despite the youth submitting their CVs to politicians.

This week, the social media was awash with posts from these youths biting hard on the leadership of this country.

According to the youth, they fought hard for President Lazarus Chakwera and Vice President Saulos Chilima to win the Fresh Presidential Elections and remove the Democratic Progressive Party.

A post by Kazombo

They added that they were promised to be appointed in different boards while others said they submitted their CVs to the political gurus but up to date nothing tangible is happening.

One of the MCP media team members who uses a pseudoname on social media, Wantali Savala Gogoda, has completely stopped social media campaign for the party leaving political figures who are campaigning in Karonga Central to do it for themselves.

Another MCP media member who uses pseudoname Freshmade Malawi said:  “Many times we get told kuti madando amveka (that your complaints have been heard) or send CV.”

While UTM’s Kingston Afumu Binauli posted: “Remember people who have made you who you are today.”

John Cupstone of UTM media complained that some of the party’s media team are being paid but others are not getting money.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Madalitso Kazombo who is also Member of Parliament for the MCP supported the youth saying their concerns should be heard because they are facing hard times.

In an interview with Malawi24, a good governance and leadership analyst who asked for anonymity said it is worrisome that the youth from the ruling party were promised jobs at the expense of millions others who have qualifications to serve in different positions of the country.

He continued to say that this trend of favoring certain individuals is what Malawians fought against and he warned Tonse Alliance against doing the same.



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  1. Zomafuna kumalembedwa ntchito ndikumapatsidwa ma favours chifukwa chakuti mumabangula mokweza ndizochititsa manyazi pafupi fupi m’Malawi aliyense anachita zazikulu povotera Tonse Alliance tsopano ena musayambe kubwebweta ngati maduli pano boma ili ndi la Tonse osati a Chipani Cha MCP, UTM,PP ndi anzawo ena mchitidwe uwu ndiwochititsa manyazi mulekeletu

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