Mai Dinala contributed to MCP’s survival in opposition – Chakwera  

President Lazarus Chakwera who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader says Roseby Dinala was a mentor in the party and one of the persons who contributed to the party’s survival in during its 26 years in opposition.

Dinala, popularly known as Mai Dinala, died aged 82 on Tuesday in Blantyre and has been buried today at Chitawira Cemetery.

Speaking during Dinala’s funeral at St Columbus Church, Chakwera said Dinala was a loyal member of the MCP and she never dumped the party even at a time when it was hard to be identified as an MCP member.

Burial of Mai Dinala’s body

“Some of her friends ditched the party but she remained in MCP. Sometimes, she told me about challenges she faced in the party but she was not disappointed to a point of leaving the party.

“She was a jovial and friendly person. One day we went together to visit former MCP vice president late Gwanda Chakuamba and during the visit, we laughed and reminisced about the past,” said Chakwera.

He added that Dinala’s dedication, passion, positive reaction and belief in Jesus Christ is a lesson to all people.

“We are mourning because she has passed on but we are happy because of her life. If all people were dedicated as her in the roles God gave them, our country would never be the same,” he said.

Mai Dinala

Mai Dinala was born in 1938 and was an advisor to MCP president Chakwera as well as an executive member of the party.

She started following MCP in the 1950s and has died a few weeks after the MCP became a ruling party folloing 26 years in opposition.