Who is next to be arrested? Malawi Twitter trolls Tadikira Mutharika


Malawi Twitter has been trolling former President Peter Mutharika’s stepson, Tadikira Mafubza Mutharika, as the next person who will be arrested.

The Lazarus Chakwera administration has been rounding up people who were allegedly behind the systemic looting of public funds under the Democratic Progressive Party regime.

Among those arrested include Roza Mbilizi, the former Deputy Commissioner General at the Malawi Revenue Authority and Mutharika’s former bodyguard, Norman Chisale.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that there are more arrests looming as the Anti-Corruption Bureau winds up its investigation.

Meanwhile, Tadikira’s name has been trending on Twitter for days as no evidence has been made public of his involvement in any looting of public funds.

Meanwhile activists and social commentators have described the looting that happened during the Mutharika regime as an economic genocide of Malawi