Mutharika and DPP initiated an economic genocide of Malawi – Analysts shocked with revelations


Revelations of massive plunder of public funds during the Peter Mutharika administration have shocked Malawians, with one analyst saying Mutharika initiated an economic genocide.

Mutharika ruled Malawi for six years from 2014 and was removed from the presidency in the June 23 Fresh Presidential Elections.

Following Mutharika’s loss, there have been revelations about corruption and abuse of office involving Mutharika, close advisors and members of his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani believes that Mutharika and the DPP initiated an economic genocide of Malawi.

“As you will recall, this page declared any DPP supporter a thief back in 2018. The reasoning was anybody who supports thieves to stay in power is a thief. As the millipedes emerge from the shadows, it is now clear that this was not mere theft but an economic genocide. Every crook must be brought to book, including enablers and beneficiaries of the loot,” wrote Kenani on Facebook.

Many commenters agreed saying it will take years for Malawi to recover from the looting.

“Economic genocide in every sense of the word. That was, by extension, a silent unconventional war waged on Malawians. The ripple effects will take years to be overcome,” wrote on commenter.

Meanwhile, some Malawians have argued that bosses of parastatal organisations and controlling officers in ministries and departments are also usually involved in corrupt acts and should also be investigated.

“Politicians cannot steal without the involvement of these CEOs and directors in public service. The new government must arrest and prosecute everyone who has his fingerprints on any deal. Asakunamizeni kuti anakakamizidwa (they should not lie that they were forced to get involved). They were doing it willingly,” said Timothy Nundwe.

While commending President Lazarus Chakwera for the arrest, Social Justice Network called on the currents administration to swiftly move on all culprits named regardless of their racial background.

The organisation notes that despite being named as accomplices, no Malawian of Asian origin has so far been arrested.