YAS drills young activists in Mzuzu

Youth and Society (YAS) last week trained young activists in Mzuzu on good governance and leadership.

Speaking after a four-day training in Mzuzu on Saturday, Program Manager for Youth and Society (YAS) Mwandida Theu said the training was part of a project aimed to nurture emerging civil society leaders.

“You would agree with the background that we have few human rights defenders in Malawi and then we trying to bring up the new route and the new crop of human rights defenders that’s what we were doing as the program,” Theu said.

On the demands of youth on the employment figures, she said their demands are still on despite the change of Government.

“The youth manifestos was generated by young people themselves so we engaged young people across the country and they came up with the policy demands that they feel like they can be addressed by the new Government so we wouldn’t change our position, the national youth manifesto is like a guiding tool to us as young people,” said Theu.

In his comment, one of the participants Cannon Chenjezi said the training will help them a lot.

“We were mainly covering areas of governors, the issue of committing and also how we can mobilize the resources so it has been beneficial to us because as activists we need resources for us do our activities, but also when we want to engage the state, we need to know about how the economy system about the world so it has been very important to us.

“Our expectation is that we have a new Government in place now and as young activists we were expecting to learn how we can engage but also how we can approach the state actors,” Chenjezi said.

He added that after the training they will engage fellow youths and mobilize and teach them on handling issues that are affecting the youth.

The training was conducted with funding from National Endowment for Democracy.