No coronavirus in Malawi – Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda

Former President Joyce Banda has claimed that there are no coronavirus cases in the country, saying government is releasing fake figures.

The former president made the remarks during a Tonse Alliance rally in Nkhatabay on Tuesday ahead.

Banda claimed that there are no cases of COVID-19 yet in the country such that the government is only taking advantage of the outbreak for its political interest.

She said: “We are hearing news that there is Coronavirus outbreak in the world, we thank God for favoring our country as we don’t have it here, they are faking it.”

She then urged government to return all the funds which have been aided by various organizations to assist in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic as the funds are not being used for the intended purpose.

“We are therefore demanding all the funds which have been pumped into Malawi in the name of COVID-19 to the rightful owners and be used for development projects,” she said.

Malawi has recorded 455 coronavirus cases and there have been four deaths and 55 recoveries. Twelve of the cases were confirmed on Tuesday.

Ironically, in March, before Malawi had recorded a single case of the coronavirus, Banda accused government of hiding cases.

She warned that Malawi would miss out of assistance from the donor community because government was hiding statistics.




  1. She is an idiot mother of all cashgates wish she could kick a bucket with the pandemic and prove by herself

  2. This woman is so dangerous! How dare you treat Malawians like they dont matter. There is Corona in Malawi stupid! Sometimes I wish you win the elections and then we can see how you will manage but you have ruined the country once it wouild really be stupid to let you in again! Malawi is very iunlucky to have people like you anywhere near the Government. You really are a sad case of embarssment to women!

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