Musicians condemn assault of Martse by police officer


Malawian musicians have expressed concern over the assault of rapper Martse at a drinking joint in the capital Lilongwe last night.

A video that has been shared on social media shows that Martse was beaten before he was handcuffed by a police officer on Monday night. The two are said to have picked up a quarrel over beer.

Some musicians believe the police officer was not justified to act in a way he did. They claim the officer abused his power consideration the environment.

Gwamba is among the musicians who think the police officer was in the wrong.

In a Facebook post, Gwamba said there was no need to handcuff his fellow musician who also happen to be his friend.

“No matter what Martse said or did, the policeman was not supposed to abuse his power by using his handcuffs whilst off duty over a personal matter. I hope that this will be looked into,” reads his post in part.

Gwamba also faulted Martse’s friend for taking the video while the musician was being assaulted instead of protecting him.

He said: “My advice to everyone is; stop spending your time with people who do not wish you well.”

Up-and-coming musician T4L concurs with the gospel hiphop artist on the issue.

“Unyolo uja ayamba kumaugwirisa ntchito pa zinthu za personal. Tiziti ana awo akapanga mwano amawamanga? (The police are using handcuffs on personal matters, can we say they do likewise when their kids misbehave?)”