Chilima urges Malawians to register while following coronavirus prevention measures


UTM leader Saulos Chilima says it is possible for people to register for the 2020 presidential elections while following measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Speaking last night, Chilima claimed that there are some people who are using the coronavirus pandemic to scare voters so that they do not go and register.

He, however, said the fresh presidential elections will be held soon and Malawians should go out and register in phase two of the registration exercise which starts today.

The UTM leader advised people that, when registering, they should follow recommendations on hygiene and social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Let us go and register to vote. Choosing right leaders shall stop the needless deaths our women suffer when giving birth. Choosing right leaders shall reduce the countless deaths due to curable diseases afflicting our communities.

“Choosing the right leaders means better equipping our hospitals and hospital personnel to best deal with this pandemic and other diseases. In short, choosing the right leaders means marshalling all this nation’s wealth and resources for the common good,” said Chilima.

On reports that there is registration of underage children and that some people are going around villages buying voter registration cards, Chilima said his party will ensure that no one steals this election.

Earlier this month, the Malawi Electoral asked the Supreme Court to allow for suspension of electoral activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the court refused.

With the court still expecting MEC to conduct elections on July 2, the commission will today resume the registration exercise.

The second phase of voter registration exercise will be conducted from Monday, April 27 up to May 10 in Rumphi, Likoma, Dowa, Lilongwe District, Lilongwe City, Luchenza Municipality, Phalombe, Mulanje and Thyolo.