Namadingo torn apart for arguing Lulu is not a legend


Malawians on social media are attacking singer Patience Namadingo following a post in which he claims his fellow musician Lulu is not yet a legend.

The issue has divided the audience; others are supporting Namadingo’s stand while others refute it.

According to Namadingo, the Mbambande hitmaker is a great artist who is marching towards his legendary status. He defines a legend as a story handed down through generations which is believed to be historical.

“Lulu is a pure genius of our time. I can’t consider him historical and put him in the same class as King Arthur, Lucius Banda and Billy Kaunda,” argues Namadingo.

Dickens Collins Namajali commented: “you have defined legend to suit your own needs. That’s not how a legend is defined in the dictionary. Lulu is a legend, you are also a legend.”

Another interested party on the topic, Keith Lameck, commented that Namadingo is associating legendary status with old age. He argues one qualifies to be a legend if he or she is recognised by a whole generation.

However, Joseph Inyake concurs with Namadingo about who is a legend. He wrote: “I agree with what you have said Mr Namadingo. When we talk about legends in music, we talk about guys that came into the music industry and made it what it is before some of us were born. Talk about Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda, Mlaka Maliro, and Evison Matafale.”

Besides stirring the debate, Namadingo is also trending with reggae mashups which involving Lucius Banda and Billy Kaunda.



  1. Mirenial generation can’t be called legends but they are in the process of being dignified as legendary, so for music point of view Lulu is not a legend but is a dignified musician in the content of music context

  2. When did Lulu become a Legend???? Legends ere the likes of Joseph Nkasa, Lucius Banda, Evison Matafale, Billy Kaunda ofcourse Mlaka Maliro not Lulu. He might have money BUT not a Legend.

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