Malawians eager to know politicians who attempted to bribe judges


Malawians are expressing eagerness to know politicians who attempted to bribe judges for a favourable outcome in the presidential elections case.

Chief justice Andrew Nyirenda has reported to the Anti-corruption Bureau to investigate the bribery attempts. The graft bursting body has confirmed receiving the complaint but has not revealed names of partakers in the malpractice.

Meanwhile, Malawians can only speculate about parties involved. The issue has also seen diehards of some political parties trading accusations.

Henry Kamanga commented: “Why are they hiding their names? That’s why people take the law into their own hands.”

While William Bennes said: Name them, who was that? If they are from our side then it’s ok but if it’s the blue side, expect harsh weather in the country.”

However, Martha Folokiya has a different view. She believes disclosing the names at this stage will affect investigations.

“When investigations are being done, it is not proper to mention names of those involved in the early stages. With the current political situation, revealing the names may not be good for their safety,” she commented.

The conclusion of the case is beckoning with only weeks left. Malawians expect the rulling of the case next month.


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  1. I don’t think without knowing the pple who try to bribe , we Malawians will not accept the outcome of the election case. We are all Malawians we can not allow to put our country to sleep … PLEAE NOTE IT

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