Thyolo, BSS, students to pay for damage


Minister of Education William Susuwele-Banda says students of Thyolo and Blantyre Secondary Schools will be ordered to pay for damaging their schools.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Lilongwe on Saturday.

The two schools were closed recently after students damaged property. Banda condemned the violence at the schools and added that students will be asked to pay for the damage.

“All students found to have taken part in the vandalism, looting and burning of buildings, will be requested to contribute for replacement of goods and refurbishment of damaged infrastructure,” said Susuwele-Banda.

Banda: they will pay

He also revealed that the ministry has opened investigations into the two incidents.

“We have asked the two institutions to write reports concerning the matter. We will try as much as possible to resolve the issues, our target is to ensure that our students are learning,” he said.

Banda then warned that the ministry will not back any lawless students saying the law will take its course on all students perpetuating violence thereby disturbing progress of innocent students.

He also asked students to avoid being used by other people and to be responsible by taking care of the teaching and learning materials as their own assets not government’s.

Earlier this month, Blantyre Secondary School was closed after students held violent protests. At Thyolo Secondary School, students set an administration block on fire and damaged other buildings following suspension of some students at the school.