Gwamba’s Unatha video out


Gospel rapper Gwamba, has released a video for the hit song “Unatha”.

Last month, Gwamba, born Duncan Zgambo, recorded and released his single which within a short period was on most people’s tongues.

Gwamba: has released a video for Unatha

In the song, Gwamba who is a member of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG), portrays himself as a problem and solution to issues facing the youths across the world.

Speaking in Blantyre at a premiere where he engaged the media, Gwamba said he crafted the song with an aim to encourage the youths to focus ahead when doing everything regardless of haters who may come strong to discourage them.

He said in a Christian life, most people want to abandon some habits but they are however brought down by friends who encourage them to keep on sinning and the person is mocked to have lost his value if he chooses to quit those bad habits.

“The song is all about the lifestyle, it’s all about the habits and also the direction youths need to take in life. Sometimes for you to achieve some things in life you need to drop other things, you can not run them all at once.

“The song Unatha talks about those choices in life but then as a Christian you might decide to stop some habits but there are friends who encourage and as well discourage. So it is encouraging the youths who are struggling,” said Gwamba.

He further said he wants to be a different rapper and a role model to most youths in the country such that even parents will start encouraging their children to rap upon seeing the seriousness he is bringing in the hip-hop spectrum.

Zgambo added that he wants now to start telling the youths to go to church, do business and as well focus on their talents despite critics who may discourage them.

The ‘Better’ star continued to say that he now wants to stop shunning the media on his projects and will now start engaging much with the media.

Meanwhile, Unatha video is talk of the social media for being well crafted and well, simply a jam as fans say even after turning gospel, Gwamba has not lost his charm as he has consistently gifted them good music.