Civil Society Platform defends Mutharika for snubbing prayers

… Condemns Chilima’s rigging remarks

The Joint Civil Society Platform has defended President Peter Mutharika’s decision to shun national prayers in Lilongwe saying some churches have already endorsed certain presidential candidates.

The National Prayers and Signing of Peace Declaration ceremony which has been organized by Public Affairs Committee will be held in Lilongwe today. Several presidential candidates are expected to attend the event.

Chodzi (C): Not surprising

But according to a presidential programme released Friday, Mutharika will not attend the prayers as he is on his way to the Northern Region to hold campaign rallies.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Chairperson of civil society platform Fryson Chodzi said some religious leaders who are involved in the prayers have already taken a partisan stand for or against a certain political party in the Tripartite Elections.

He explained that the CSOs will not be surprised if some political shun the prayers.

Chodzi however commended PAC for deciding to pray for peaceful elections.

On the issue of rigging elections, Chodzi condemned UTM leader Saulos Chilima for undermining the delivery of the electoral process in Malawi through his political utterances that the electoral results of the 2014 were really rigged.

Chodzi said the UTM leader who is also the Vice President of this country is sowing seeds of anarchy and is creating fear among Malawians as well as mistrust in the electoral process and MEC’s ability deliver free, fair and credible elections.

He therefore asked Chilima to stop undermining the electoral process in the country and urged religious leaders to play a peace building role and unifying factor rather than a partisan role which would instigate violence and among others.



  1. Anachita bwino osapitako adani ADAD anali ambiri kumeneko musiyeni zake zose zili mmanja mwamulungu,ena ndiyawo ayamba kusowa zokamba kusonkhano ,avekele ndinathandizira nawo liners mavoti a 2014 pali zeru apa guys

  2. Malawians are taken for fouls. I never knew money could change people like this. There is no reason to defend this thief so called Mutharika. He’s just scared the power of prayer. An evil person won’t agree to prayers. Wake up Malawi! If Chilima has been talking senseless why did no one open a case against him? Stop being selfish and consider building better Malawi for all…. he revealed diseal theft at Escom, it turned to be true, he revealed about mk145000000 that Mutharika received, it turned to be true, now has revealed about the break in happened at the Mec offices, it is true, what else do you need?

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