Wikise attacks Malawi women

Musician Wikise has come under fire for  attacking Malawian women in a new song.

The Lilongwe based artist has fired missiles at women through his new song entitled Ng’weng’weng’we. This song, dwells on women’s negative behaviours as if men are innocent.

Wikise: Under fire for denigrating women

It all started with a video clip on the same subject. The homemade video went viral on social media for its comic nature. Its popularity inspired the Uli Nzingati hitmaker to attack women further but this time in a song.

Some quarters have said, Wikise has crossed the line. They believe the capital city boy has painted an ugly picture of women, as if all they do is gossip, and make homes a living hell for their husbands.

“I liked the video clip in the first place because I thought he meant to make people laugh, but now with the song I feel attacked,” commented Agness Saiti.

When contacted for his comment, Wikise who is fondly known as Abusa denied attacking women. He said as a musician it is his job to address different issues in his music.

“I have not attacked anyone, the song is inspired by real life issues. As a musician I am obliged to produce music which tackles different themes as experienced in life,” he said.

Ng’weng’weng’we is only a few days old despite irking others. Is it going to defame Wikise? only time will tell.