Chilima challenges Mutharika to expose rigging plot


Presidential candidate for UTM who is also the vice president of Malawi, Saulos Klaus Chilima, has challenged President Peter Mutharika to order security agents to expose rigging experts suspected of working with the opposition.

Mutharika recently told a rally that in the country there are people from Greece, Nigeria and Russia working with an opposition party to manipulate results of the 21st May elections.

Mutharika further said he knows the whereabouts of the alleged people and the machine which they are using.

Addressing people at Nsipe School Primary Ground in Ntcheu district, Chilima said Mutharika has all power to expose those planning to do such harm to Malawi.

He said the president should act rather than use the media to make his claims as that will only put the forthcoming tripartite elections in jeopardy.

“It is pathetic to see the president of this country, Peter Mutharika saying there are people camped to rig elections and there is a machine to be used. If what he is saying is true he should use his powers to apprehend those people. The thing is Mutharika is completely terrified with UTM but Mutharika has to bow, his time is over,” said furious Chilima.

Chilima also attacked Malawi Congress Party President Lazarus Chakwera over the latter’s continued stand that UTM is wrestling with DPP on rigging.

The UTM leader then downplayed reports that a particular party will manipulate the election results and he pleaded with people to go and vote in large numbers on 21st May.

On development, Chilima said his UTM government will plant mega farms and factories in Ntcheu.

On her part, Secretary General for UTM Patricia Kaliati concurred with Chilima saying DPP has realized its downfall and that is why DPP supporters keep on tracking UTM rallies.

During the whistle stop tour in Ntcheu District, alleged DPP followers tried to disrupt Chilima’s rallies.

Making comment on the act, Kaliati requested the DPP to instruct its followers to stop attacking UTM.

She also called upon the electoral body in the country Malawi Electoral Commission-MEC to take a quick action on the issue.

“Actually what DPP is doing to us, we are not afraid but UTM prefers peace and it is the party’s will to have peaceful elections come 21st on the next May. DPP continues to track us, today during our tour DPP crew came and wanted to go into violence with us but we tolerated them.

“We will write the electoral body to play their role or else the approaching elections will be marred with violence. MEC has to show its professionalism on this issue,” Kaliati said.