Youths clean up Phalombe

Youths in Phalombe district took their time on Monday to clean up different public places such as hospitals and markets as one way of making sure that the district is clean.

The exercise brought together youths from different institutions such as religious, schools and youth clubs and organisations.

Sukali: was excited

The event was organised through the youth office which mobilised youths in six traditional authorities where they cleaned up areas closer to their homes.

District Youth Officer (DYO), Ian Sukali, in an interview expressed his excitement with the turnout of the youths during the exercise and he revealed that this will be continuous as it will be happening annually.

“This was a national event organised by National Youth Council of Malawi and it was happening in all the districts, it was an exercise which we wanted young people to come together and clean up various places.

“As you know that young people have demographic advantage so that’s why we wanted them to be on forefront in the cleaning exercise and encouraging people to be taking part in the health and sanitation, I’m happy that the response of the youths was good,” said Sukali.

In his remarks, Youths’ representative at the council, Wyson Luka, said as the youths they understand their roles and responsibilities in the district including of promoting issues of sanitation hence many young people participated in the exercise.

“As youths we welcomed this idea as you can see that many came here since we know that it’s our responsibility to clean up different places here in the district as you know that this is a rainy season which most times come with outbreaks such as cholera, so we need to avoid that by cleaning our surroundings,” said Luka.

After the exercise, all the youths gathered together where they enjoyed music, drama which they organised themselves and later discussed matters which affect them.