Kabudula chieftaincy wrangle: Court rules in favour of Kakopa family

The high court in Lilongwe on Friday ruled in favour of Kakopa family to proceed with installation of Senior Chief Kabudula in Lilongwe.

According to a member of Kakopa family Deziam Zido, the court advised the family to submit to the Ministry of Local Government the name of the eligible person to be installed chief.

“The court has advised the family to sit down and choose a person to be installed Chief. As members we are yet do that but we are happy now that the chieftaincy is to go to the right family,” Zido said.

He the condemned the other families who were claiming chieftaincy of Kabudula saying they have delayed the process of installing a new Chief.

Senior Chief Kabudula died in 2017 but since then a successor has not been installed due to wrangles on who was to be installed chief.

The Kakopa family accused the other families of not adhering to a judgment made by a lower court.

The family also faulted the other families of trying to diverge the chieftaincy to their families despite records showing that the Kakopa family was the one to take over the chieftaincy.