Residents force ESCOM workers to fix transformer

Angry residents in Mzuzu on Wednesday stopped ESCOM workers from leaving the site of a faulty transformers until the transformer was fixed.

People of Zolozolo location in Mzuzu stopped the workers from leaving the transformer site until they restored power.

According to one of the residents, the area did not have power for five days after the transformer developed a fault on Saturday.

After the matter was reported to ESCOM, the power suppliers’ workers went to the area on Monday and started working on the faulty transformer but they were yet to fix it by Wednesday evening.

This angered the residents and they told the workers that they will not leave the site until power is restored to the area.

“Escom workers have been coming here the last three days but doing nothing, what they know is to prepare lunch and later leave the place.

“So today we are here forcing them to finish the work, what we want is for them to give us power,” said the resident who identified himself as Kamanga.

The ESCOM workers refused to speak to the media but they managed to fix the transformer and power was restored at around 8pm. The workers were later allowed to go back.