Winiko Challenge: Bon Kalindo stirs ‘blood stain debate’

Move over the #10YearChallenge. There is a new challenge in town courtesy of  UTM Youth Director Bon Kalindo. His alleged battering on Wednesday in Mulanje has stirred a heated debate and the new #WinikoChallenge.

His image in a white shirt covered crimson red material, feared to be blood from the injuries when he was allegedly being attacked by the notorious DPP cadets, has landed him some new episodes of memes on social media.

The #WinikoChallenge currently trending on social media shows people taking photos of themselves in a white t-shirt stained with tomato source and red ink, in reminiscent of Kalindo’s who is commonly known by his stage name, Winiko.

Others have even gone to the extent of mixing the photo with that of lawmaker Kamlepo Kalua who was years ago found tied with a blue rope days after he had allegedly been abducted.

Kalindo is currently facing a possible jail time after mocking President Peter Mutharika of a mad president.

Here are some of the #WinikoChallenge photos










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  1. The problem with politicians,they think they are clever and intelligent,but without JESUS they are completely nothing but liars,because they are being used by Satan and because they don’t know Jesus,they don’t see the way forward because they are in darkness.
    That is why they keep on lying to poor people without developing the country and make Sure there is development in the country.

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