Seven `O` More disses Malawi celebs, says it’s not personal


Lilongwe based rapper cum producer Seven `O` More is making headlines with his controversial song Anatha which has turned out to be a hit song of its own class.

Seven O More

The track which features Mazz `O` Penga is full of drama and entertainment while inspiring a debate on the other hand.

Anatha makes fun of musicians and other renowned personalities in the disciplines of sports and broadcasting among others, who long sank into oblivion after skill-erosion. Other people believe the hit is a provocative beef song but others argue it is innocent.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Monday, Seven `O` More whose real name is Lovemore Allan Majuta said the song is not diss track.

“There is nothing personal, I just miss them. I am their fan, therefore am concerned with their disappearance on the scene,” Said Seven.

Some of the people who are claimed to have lost the heat leading to their disappearance are Jolly Bro (JB), Gwamba, Hassan Goba, Mr Jokes, and Kinnah Phiri.

According to Seven `O` More, most people get carried away with fame leading to their early departure to the land of the forgotten. This, he said is the reason as to why the local entertainment industry fails to grow.

He cites the legendary Lucius Banda as a figure most entertainers should emulate for the betterment of the industry.

The capital city boy started serious music in 2014. In 2017, he unleashed his debut extended project. He says, he will not get satisfied with fame as he will keep on applying effort to remain relevant in the industry.