Local award organisers need to change approach

The subject of awards is very interesting in Malawi considering that after every ceremony in that realm people spot an area if not areas to be improved.

Looking at the recent Urban Music People (UMP) Awards, one can argue that some people claimed accolades which were not meant for them.

How can you explain giving the best video director honour to VJ Ken when VJ Ice is the one who crafted the best visuals in 2018, Tay Grin`s Lubwa? And how can you justify recognizing Henwood with producer of the year award when Gaffar`s hands baked 2018`s best song, Piksy`s Umakwana.

Video for Lubwa is enjoying airplay on international channels up to the extent of occupying satisfying positions in Trace Africa top 10 chart. Here is a video which has managed to beat other works of international video directors.

On the audios side, Gaffar`s product continues to buzz since it was born early last year. The song is undoubtedly people`s favourite at events.

Yes, they won having amassed more votes than their competitors, an approach which leaves a lot to be desired. The aforementioned awards should be automatically given to those who manage to give Malawi the best video in the year and the best song.

Votes should not be the sole decider for winners as they allow the undeserving to emerge victors. It is easy for musicians with financial muscles to buy votes. I suggest votes and judges’ decisions should have equal power in the award process.