My life, my body, my choices – Gwamba


…discuss Malawi blackouts, unemployment not my weight loss

South Africa based Malawi hip hop artist, Gwamba, says he does not owe Malawians an explanation on his weight loss after his transformation went viral on social media.

Gwamba, whose song Nthawi Yanji with Fredokiss is creating an international buzz, says it is baffling that his wight loss has been a topic of discussion instead of the several problems that are plaguing the country.

“It is really baffling that in a country plagued with so many socio-economic problems such as electricity blackouts, poor water supply and shortage of employment opportunities and all what people think of as the most important thing is to talk about the weight loss of some 28-year-old” he told one of the local print, The Nation.

Unapologetic Gwamba, whose weight loss weight viral on social media and ignited some old jabs with old nemesis, Third Eye, insists that he does not owe Malawians an explanation on choices he makes about his body.

“I do not have to explain my choices to Malawians. It is my life and my choices”

He also described those who have made his weight loss a topic are just bitter.

“There are so many people who are bitter. They grew up in spaces where love did not exist, all they saw was their parents fight. They have never experienced love at all.

“Now what they do is start creating fake Facebook and Twitter accounts and start picking on innocent people to feel better about themselves.

“And they have followers who enjoy their jibes and feel they have made it in life. So if I am going to be that sacrificial lamb to better their lives then they are welcome” he said while describing  his fans as superstars.

“They have taken me this far. Without them I would not have been here”. He promised more hit songs in 2019 that will feature some big artists from South Africa.



  1. I am a malawian as well and it saddens me the most to see how uneducated the people in my country are people all over the world are not happy with there weight they can lose it in a month if they know what they want to archive what difference does it make that Gwamba wanted the same. Go find Jobs to better yourself and your family rather criticize other’s.

  2. Why the whole Malawians you talk about this guy who did nothing wrong to the government?
    Can We star farming guys to develop our county, and Can we make Ganja Legal, when we will start smorking weed we will mind our own business,
    Musiyeni apange zake inunso pangani zanu,
    Blessed is Mr Gwamba

  3. Mr Gwamba’s explanations is very keywords, Mr Gwamba’s right coz some people who make themselves idiots n jobless they haven’t something to do,what they know is to find out some people’s weakness n post it to public. That’s very stupid thing, fuck all and I pray to God to make those people poor.

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