Airtel warns of fraudsters in its promo


Airtel Malawi has warned its customers of fraudsters in the ongoing Bandulo Bandulo promotion.

Airtel’s Senior Zone Business Manager, Leslie Tsilizani said their customers should not be duped by fraudsters who as usual may be asking money for customers to get their prizes in the promotion.


Airtel officials during a draw for a promotion

Tsilizani was speaking at Thyolo boma on Wednesday after a cheque presentation to this week’s K1 million winner, Cosmas Mulo, who is a primary school teacher.

The Airtel Senior Zone Business Manager said fraudsters are always there when these kind of promotions are being run hence the need for their customers to be cautioned.

She added that though they have not received reports of such kind of theft, customers should ignore text messages telling them that they have won a certain prize in Bandulo Bandulo promotion.

Tsilizani continued to say that Airtel only call customers using a six digit number and they never send text messages to let a customer know if he or she has prize won a prize.

“We are now urging our customers not to be deceived by fraudsters who may send them texts that they have won a prize. We usually call customers on +265121 to tell them if they have won something. Such texts should be treated with caution,” Tsilizani said.

On the promotion, Tsilizani said it is progressing well as they are to the very end.

She said: “Just for your information, Cosmas Mulo is the 24th person to receive K1 million and we are remaining with four more winners.”

Bandulo Bandulo promotion commenced on 15th August this year and it is expected to be concluded on December 5 where the luckiest Airtel customer will walk away with K10 million grand prize.


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  1. Koma zokuti now it is a week mafoni sakutheka pa network yawo akudziwa? Azingotithera ndalama chonchi? Kumuimbira nzako fon kuitana mpaka kukuyankha Koma osamamvana chonsecho mayunitsi akupita. Ukadula kumakuuza ndalama zomwewagwiritsa ntchito chonsecho simunayankhukane.

    Sikuba kumeneko a Airtel?

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