MCP says DPP government leadership clueless


Vice president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Sidik Mia, has said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leadership has no vision and plans to develop Malawi.

The MCP vice president said this on Sundayin Nsanje where he conducted a political rally to encourage voters to register in the voter registration which is underway in the district.

Mia: DPP has failed.

Speaking to the gathering, Mia said the DPP government leadership is failing to plan and execute what they promised in their manifesto.

“He told you that once elected into power he would fly to Nsanje by helicopter and commission the Nsanje port, has he done that?” questioned Mia in Sena, amid handclapping and ululations as he mimicked the leader he was making reference to.

Mia added: “I know the people to approach, if I convinced later President Bingu wa Mutharika to build this road, what can fail me to meet the relevant people that would help completion of the port.”

In an interview, the MCP vice president lamented lack of interest in the railway line that connects Blantyre to Beira saying Malawi is missing a big opportunity economically.

“Nsanje is an entry point for a nearby port of Beira and is very significant for the economy of this country, it has been neglected for many years. Funds were there at a certain stage that rehabilitation of the whole complete rail from Limbe to Beira would have been done and I am sure it is in the pipeline according to an agreement with CEAR,” he said.

He said the MCP government would make the railway line rehabilitation a priority to make transportation cheap hence the people of Nsanje will benefit through business opportunities.

Speaking before the MCP vice president was Salim Bagus who said the people of Nsanje love Mia because of his love for the people of the Lower Shire.

“If you are hungry who gives you food? If government fails to give you subsidized fertilizer and farm inputs, who does that for you? And if you lack development materials who provide them for you,” asked Bagus who got a resounding answer from the crowd.

He urged the people of Nsanje to go and register in large numbers so that they should be able to vote come 21st May, 2019.

In an interview, MCP’s aspiring Member of Parliament for Nsanje Central, Kafandikhale Mandevana, said the people of Nsanje are asking for sustainable irrigation technologies since they suffer from severe drought every year and lack good schools that can let their children learn comfortably.

On Friday, vice president for DPP also stormed Nsanje and promised the people developmental projects including completion of Marka road and rehabilitation of the railway line.

Voter registration in Nsanje started on September 19 and is expected to end on October 2.


About1 39,885 are expected to register in the district.


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