DPP tears into councillors


The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has blasted councillors in Karonga accusing them of frustrating development projects in the district.

This comes amid reports of mismanagement of finances at the Karonga District Council (KDC).

DPP deputy regional governor for the north Smart Mwakayila uttered the remarks on Sunday during a political rally that was held by senior DPP officials in the district.

According to Mwakayila, councillors have a hidden agenda against the Karonga District Council and their main aim is just to sabotage developmental plans in the district.

Tears into councillors.

“The councillors’ behaviour and conduct is really questionable and we really wonder their motives. They should be at the forefront for pushing for development but instead they are blocking development,” he alleged.

He added that due to disagreements at the council, development activities have stalled hence councillors must take the blame as they are failing the district.

The DPP official then asked government to consider elevating Karonga to a municipality. He said as a fast growing district Karonga would greatly benefit if upgraded to a municipality as funds would easily trickle in for developmental projects.

In reaction to the claims, KDC chairperson Harry Mwanyembe said the remarks are that of a failed politician who was rejected by the people when he contested as a ward councillor in the 2014 tripartite elections.

“The council does not only consist of we councillors, we have chiefs, MPs and the Secretariat so to say we are frustrating development shows the little knowledge he knows about how the council operates,” he said.

He added that in the past year alone the council has completed nine projects including markets, classroom blocks and teachers’ houses.

During the rally, DPP treasure general Jappie Mhango who is also minister of transport and public works said the government is committed to developing Karonga and the Northern Region as a whole hence the 215 billion kwacha investment in projects in the region.

Mhango cited the Karonga water project and the Karonga-Songwe road project as some of the initiated developments.

“We have done a lot and we continue to do so to develop our people and our nation hence we deserve another’ term in government,” he said.



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