Mutharika caught lying on Indebank, foundation stones


President Peter Mutharika has been caught lying after he claimed that his government is discussing with Indebank – a bank that does not exist – to provide loans to civil servants.

Mutharika told MBC TV in an interview aired on Thursday night that government will soon provide loans to civil servants through Indebank.


Economist Henry Kachaje

However, his government sold the bank to National Bank three years ago.
Economist Henry Kachaje noted the lie while watching the interview.

“On loans to lower grade Civil Servants, the President says he is talking to Indebank and other entities.

“Akudziwa koma kuti (Does he know that) Indebank no longer exists?” wrote Kachaje on Facebook.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani suggested that the president may have as well been lying about conducting talks with a bank to provide loans to civil servants.

During the interview, Mutharika also claimed that construction works are taking place at all sites where he laid foundation stones.

However, construction works at some sites where Mutharika laid foundation stones are yet to begin.

One such place is the Mombera University construction site in Mzimba where Mutharika laid a foundation stone in 2015.



  1. His government sold MSB, Inde bank to his friends and many lost their jobs, what a president? Lazalo is loading………

  2. Enough is enough the old man is finished he is got nothing left to tell the Mighty Malawians…if were him I was just gonna put the tools down… But anyway his kingdom will never last…come Next Chakwera woyeee.

  3. Mmmmmmmmm I don’t know how to do and I don’t know what he thinks about, because president proper pure president is supposed to think twice, because normal president it can’t be hahahahahahahaha Koma mkuluyu ndikape bwanj??

  4. old age is indeed catching up
    even here the airport is yet to commence, nothing is happening!

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