Dogs take over searching duty at KIA

Kamuzu International Airport

…Move to curb wildlife trade

In a move to lower wildlife trade, the Department of National Parks and Wildlife in Malawi is set to use detection dogs at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA).

Elephant Malawi
Kumchedwa: Dogs will help a lot in detection of ivory at the airport.

Speaking at the launch of the detection unit of dogs at KIA on Wednesday, director of department of national parks and wildlife Brighton Kumchedwa said dogs are to help a lot in detection of ivory at the airport.

Kumchedwa added that the detection of dogs is also to help in curbing corruption by law enforcers at the airport.

“While human mind might be corrupted, it will be difficult to corrupt the dogs,” said Kumchedwa.
Meanwhile, Police authorities have acknowledged challenges of corruption that also affect the fight against wildlife trade.

The detection dog units are also to be launched at Chileka Airport in Malawi’s commercial city and other border posts.

Malawi is among countries that are affected by wildlife trade. Traders are reported to be using air and road transport to smuggle the protected species of animals.



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