Alcohol kills man


A 60-year-old man has died in Dowa after drinking kachaso on an empty stomach.

Dowa Police Public Relations Officer Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda identified the deceased as Michael Phambala.

MalawiKaponda said the incident occurred over the weekend at Yeremia village in the district.

“The deceased was a habitual kachaso beer drinker who used to take the beer on an empty stomach and he was staying alone,” he explained.

The publicist added that on the fateful day, Phambala started drinking the beer in the morning without eating food and upon returning home he fell down on his way and later he was seen by passers-by.

Police together with medical personnel from Dowa district hospital visited the scene and postmortem showed that the 60-year-old man died due to hypoglycemia compounded by excessive alcohol intake without food.

The police have since advised members of the general public to refrain from taking alcohol on an empty stomach.

Michael Phambala hailed from Yelemia village in the area of traditional authority Chiwere in Dowa district.


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  1. So the correct cause is hunger not alcohol coz had it been he eat he could not die. STOP demonise alcohol

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