Burnt bricks banned in Malawi

Burnt Bricks

In its effort to attain environmental sustainability ahead of the year 2020, government has with immediate effect banned the use of fire cured bricks in all construction projects .

This follows the gazzetting of the Use of Sustainable Construction Materials Regulations of 2018.

Burnt Bricks

According to an announcement by the National Construction Industry Council (NCIC), these regulations have been put in place to help in promoting the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials in the country’s construction industry.

NCIC says the regulations require that every public or commercial project be executed using approved, energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials and technologies in all the phases of the project as appropriate.

“As such the use of traditionally fire cured bricks in the execution of such projects is prohibited,” says NCIC.

With the coming of these regulations, consultants have been advised to ensure that they design and specify, sustainable construction methods and materials for their clients.

The regulations also require city, town and district councils to approve only such projects that specify and utilize construction materials that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The council further states that failure to comply with any provision of these regulations shall constitute an offence and culprits will be dealt with accordingly.



  1. That good,but it came out of good will or out of books.
    I do not get the point here because climate change is not an issue here, there issue your looking for world body support .

  2. a Malawi,
    Nonse mukutukwana apa mukufuna to construct PUBLIC and COMMERCIAL buildings? We must learn to read and understand before commenting.

  3. No one can change this situation unless price of cement and other facilities come down and according to myself its impossible to change never and ever

  4. Ngat Ndatha yanu ija munamangira miyala nde ifenso tiyamba kumangira miyala yomweo..Timaotcha njwera ndi cholinga zoti zilimbe timange tizisakasa tathu tondonthati inuyo mudzigona ku state house kwanuko we dont mind tonse tidzamwalira bax..kanji inunso nde mwatsala pang’ono..Osaletsa kuthima magetsi ndi ndi kumwa madzi osakanikirana ndi manyi mtauni mo bwanji??? Mumalimbana ndi anthu osauka kut adzimva kupweteka mdziko lawo lomwe pomwe inu ndi ana anu mukusangalala mulibe chisoni moyo wang’ona udzakuchokan liti abilimangwenu??? TATOPA NANU MWAMVAAA

  5. It is clearly stated that the ban affects PUBLIC and COMMERCIAL projects! The problem we have in Malawi is that each one of us would like to give a comment even on issues beyond our understanding , especially when written in English. Some of the comments do not even make sense.

  6. It is a brave decision which is very much needed. Hydraform alternative building technology using a soil cement stabilized interlocking block is the way to go. Affordable and high quality. Used in Malawi since 1995.

  7. This is a great move. I have seen deforestation happen in several areas already. The alternative is stabilized Soil Blocks. We have been doing this for 30 years now with great results accross the continent. [email protected]

  8. Malawi is full of Rubbish politicians. Nonsense government. Am coming there in few weeks

  9. We Malawian we’ll still be living in very poorly in every things, since 1964 when Malawi took independent you haven’t help Malawi. Since they started copying ldeaology from the Akafula people moulding the bricks.hence most rural areas have changed in infrastructure. Who can u just stop people to do from what everybody did in the some? Yet u don’t come up with the solutions of how people may handle such problem. Teach people first how to deal with that particular problem before eradicating our traditional solution.

  10. It seems to a very good idea as long as wen they intoducethe cement bricks the prices shud accommodate every one be it poor or rich so that everyone shud learn to adjourn to this program

  11. Hahaha muganiza athu adzipanga chani…

    This is full of nonsense!!!

  12. No government on earth will solve the climate change problem including Malawi, you people wake up! God the Almighty creator said it all that when He is about to visit the earth with His judgement we shall face all this sea level rising, fire, storms, earthquakes and many more natural desasters and the love among people will no longer be experienced that will bring war, nations against nations, race against another race, people kiling one another for money and we are all witinessing all these now. Cant you see that we are towards the end of the world and God’s judgement is at hand? solving climate change is the same as telling God Almighty the creator that He is a lier, and what He said will happen will never happen. Who are we to stop what God said? Pastors and the teachers of the Word of God Almighty why are you quite to tell the world the truth? Tell the world leaders to stop climate change management because it is a loosing game intead let them know the end has come so that they must not spend money for nothing and tell people to repent their sins so that we may be saved by the creator the one who created these angry ocens that are keeping on rising and killing people, the volcanic eruptions and the sun that is causing drout and wild fire. PLEASE

  13. The emmisions from the presidents convoy is also not sustainable. Please use 3 cars instead of 25-30

  14. Izi zikuchitika mochedwa mtengo inatha dziko lamela dazi,I hope Malawian will get used to buy cement bricks,and we can save land n ? also.bvuto chifukwa chakusowa Kwa chi ntchito anthu amapeza ganyu but lets move on zithu zinasitha

  15. The government is right but it’s too late cause if you can see,there deforestation,cause pipo has been cutting tree for burning bricks.this system was supposed to be introduced long ago,slow by slow we could be used for cement bricks and we could save trees.same things with makala ( charcoal) we got kaziwiziwi coal mine but why the don’t sell these to public so that pipo must use instead of cutting down the ?.other countries they use malasha for cooking.malawi ndi osakuka but we must learn to use other things to save zithu zina.fertizer anatiwonegela nthaka we still need,but other countries they don’t depend on fertilizer, composite amathindiza,let try other ways but it’s too late.koma tizolowela basi

  16. This is very sad development since most poor Malawians can not afford to buy bricks made from cement since it’s very expensive.If you want our country to develop in terms of infrastructure, then, the cement has to be bought at a subsidized price so that a poor Malawian residing in Kwa Nkhumba Zavala duku can afford.

  17. Guys, Tayikani mu Chichewa kuti anthu awa amvetse. Or may be anthu inu tawelenganinso. Mukutani mitengo ka, aletsa ma uvuni owotchela njerwa. Not kuti aletsa kumanga nyumba za njerwa lol

  18. That’s unfair thy can’t just come up with that crap
    What people must thy do?
    The price of cement must go down first so that people can afford.

  19. Now Malawi will be like Mozambique in Rural areas we have developed with burnt bricks including in towns now is the time to say enough is enough Muntharika government must get out of government

  20. Is this not a political involvement trick trying to manipulate poor people’s mind and ability to depend on themselves, since burnt bricks was self sustainability towards the poor people

  21. But the government has not yet put in place an approved, energy efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials and technologies in all the phases of the project as appropriate. How does it expect the Malawian citizens to carry out their projects while waiting for that?

  22. How can these idiots bann burnt bricks in malawi? Are they staying in mud houses in suburbs? What is civilization?Give people free cement to make friendly and wat wat environmental bricks..poor conference… Shame on you!!!

  23. What has been banned is use of fire cured bricks for construction of Government funded projects. Was that difficult to pick for a professional journalist?

  24. What will happen to the already burnt bricks ready for construction will they have to abandon them and go to NCIC for refund, so that they can buy or make the environmentally friendly building materials

  25. Why government didn’t clarify, and also tell us the other measures put in place to substitute the fired bricks.they must lower the price of cement before they impose the ban.eeeee koma kumalawi mavuto alipo osayamba.

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