Journalists asked to be fair in election reporting


Media practitioners have been asked to avoid favouritism when reporting election related issues.

The call was made on Saturday by Director of Information in the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Gideon Munthali during a training which was organised by Bwaila Media Club with support from European Union and Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in Lilongwe.

Gideon Munthali
Munthali: Govt. is not interested in regulating the media.

In his remarks, Munthali said political journalists act as protectors by reporting about candidates during the election process.

He added that government will not infringe upon the medias right to provide information to the public.

“Government is not interested in regulating the media but to ensure freedom of expression and it is our expectation that media clubs such as Bwaila Media Club will assist government,” he said.

He went on to say that the policy of the government remains the same that the public must be informed through the media and this is important as Malawians are expecting general elections next year.

Speaking at the same event, chairperson of Bwaila Media Club Wisdom Chimgwede asked the reporters to be committed and to collaborate in reporting issues of elections.