DPP governor under probe over anti-Muslim remarks

Julius Paipi

A ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) governor is being investigated following claims that he insulted Muslims at two rallies.

The DPP is investigating its Eastern Region governor Julius Paipi over anti-Muslim remarks.

Francis kasaila
Kasaila: We are investigating Paipi.

According to reports, Paipi advised DPP supporters against voting for Muslim candidates in the 2019 elections to avoid voting for war.

The remarks have led to the resignation of the party’s governor for Mangochi Wellington Mangulenje.

Speaking to the local media, DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila said the party is investigating the issue.

“The Party is investigating the alleged remarks and will take serious disciplinary measures on the accused if found to have indeed said these unfortunate remarks,” said Kasaila.

He then distanced the party from the remarks and assured Muslims in the country that the DPP will always respect their values and beliefs.

“As a party we appreciate the coexistence that is there among people of different beliefs. We acknowledge the support that we have been receiving as a party from our brothers and sisters from the Muslim community,” he said.

Paipi has however denied uttering the remarks saying people who attended the rallies would have protested had he made the anti-Muslim remarks.


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  1. While we should respect each other as humans, how can you expect anybody to respect a religion where 1) they reject the God of the Bible and 2) they worship a prophet who statutory raped a child? (how old WAS Ayesha?)

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