Super league clubs condemn fracas at Sulom AGM

Silver Strikers

Super League clubs have condemned the fracas which occurred at the Super League of Malawi

During the AGM, some club officials notably Be Forward Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao and his Civil Sporting Club counterpart Ronald Chiwaula were roughed up by Sulom security personnel while others were met with a barrage of insults as they made their way into the conference hall.

Silver Strikers
Silver Strikers has also expressed worry over the fracas.

The officials were allegedly targeted for their involvement in last week’s failed plot to dissolve the Super league body with a vote of no confidence.

Reacting to the fracas, two club officials Tigers and Silver Strikers described the scenes as unfortunate and an act of banditry which should have no place in the game.

“What we had was an AGM with a clearly set agenda, and I didn’t see anything controversial on the agenda requiring the presence of bouncers, so what happened was unfortunate and should not be condoned in the football circles,” said Tigers executive committee Chairman Sydney Chikoti.

Chikoti went further saying: “Some of us dedicate our time and resources to serve our respective clubs because we love the game and that’s why we travelled to Mangochi to share ideas on the development of the sport, but such acts will end up scaring us away,” said Chikoti who  confirmed being insulted at the meeting and receiving threats.

Silver general secretary who was absent from the meeting, having travelled to Tanzania on official duty, tore into the perpetrators of such actions.

“This is not hooliganism but banditry, which doesn’t have a place in football. I was not there but I have been receiving threats through phone messages on the same,” said Nyirenda.

Fleetwood Haiya
Haiya did not attend the meeting.

He appealed to Sulom to let the law take its course on the suspects in order to stamp out the vice from the game once and for all.

Nyasa Big Bullets Chief Executive Officer Fleetwood Haiya did not attend the meeting after being tipped of the attack.

The Super League governing body has since issued an apology on the fracas and has assured the soccer fraternity of swift response to the same.

“We will launch an investigation into the matter and come up with appropriate measures. We think there was some security lapse but next time we will tighten up to avoid a repetition of such madness,” said Sulom general secretary Williams Banda.

Some of the notorious individuals in the “assault team” are flamboyant Wanderers supporter Yona Malunga and former Bullets supporters’ committee general secretary Frank ‘Nyau’ Msiska.