Mutharika considering death penalty for albino killers


President Peter Mutharika might be the second Malawian president to assent to death penalty, especially for those that are convicted of killing people with albinism.

In a statement released by the State House, Mutharika has expressed shock that there are continued attacks on people with albinism. The statement has come following the murder of Mcdonald Masambuka in Mangochi by people who include a Police Officer.

According to the statement which has been signed by the Presidential Spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani, Mutharika has vowed to deal with all those who will be fingered by the investigation into the death of Masambuka.

Further to that, Mutharika has called on all stakeholders to assist the government in assessing interventions that were previously used to curtail the violence targeting people with albinism.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: open to discuss possibility of introducing death penalty

On implementing the death sentence to deter would-be offenders, Mutharika has called for a dialogue on the issue. He has refused to certainly dismiss the prospect of hanging people convicted of killing people with albinism.

“President Mutharika is aware that there are some stakeholders who feel passionately that implementing the death penalty on individuals sentenced to death could go a long way as a deterrent to would-be offenders from attacking persons with albinism. On the other hand, the President is also aware of the international community’s stand against the death penalty. These two view points are on opposite extreme end of each other;hence the need for dialogue and a national consensus,” reads the statement.


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