Police officer rapes teenager


Police in Mchinji have arrested a 41-year-old police officer for raping a 14-year-old Standard Five girl.

Mchinji police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino has confirmed the arrest of Sergeant Leonard Maluwa of Chimwankango police unit in the district.

Rape MalawiAccording to Lubrino, mother of the victim who sells Kachasu complained to police against the conduct of their fellow police officer whom she said was sexually abusing her daughter.

“The mother said she recently started to suspect the behavior of both the law enforcer and her daughter and on March 14, she caught her daughter stealing two bottles of Kachasu,” Lubrino said.

When asked, the girl said she intended to give the Kachasu to the suspect.
She also revealed that the police officer raped her three times in February.

As soon as the police received the report, the victim was referred to Mkanda Rural Hospital for medical examinations where findings revealed that the victim was indeed defiled.

These developments forced police from Mchinji Police Station to institute investigations and on

March 22 they arrested Maluwa of Teche village in the area of Traditional Authorityl Chikowi, in Zomba.

The suspect will appear before court to answer charges of defilement when investigations are concluded.


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  1. This is not rape….it was very consensual. The girl was actually feeding the relationship to grow ‘deeper’ with stolen kachasu. It is mere Defilement.
    Charges: police officer – defilement, and std 5 girl – theft.