FUM wants youths to venture into farming

Farming is big business in Diamphwe

Government has been urged to start providing loans and raise minimum buying prices for farm produce to make farming attractive to youths and women.

Since farming is regarded as unprofitable business by some, providing incentives could encourage youths and women to take part in farming.

Alfred Kapichira Banda
FUM President Alfred Kapichira Banda

This has been stated by Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) President Alfred Kapichira Banda in an interview with the local media.

Banda said for a long time farming has been seen as non-profitable business but time has come to make it attractive.

He explained that to make this possible, government should come up with agriculture bank to enable those who have no capital to borrow money from the bank.

“All what government needs to do is to come up with a bank only for agriculture so that those who are interested in farming should borrow money, especially in rural areas because many women in rural areas are farmers,” he explained.

Banda further said that methods of agriculture need to be improved.

According to Banda, if the use of machinery in farms is promoted, young people and women will be encouraged to start farming which can improve their living standards.


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