Man commits suicide over beer

A 27-year-old man in Chikwawa killed himself on Tuesday after being told to stop drinking beer.

Chikwawa police public relations officer Chikwawa Foster Benjamin said the man Samuel Chakuamba hanged himself to a tree on Tuesday night at Mandere Village in the area of Traditional Authority N’gabu in the district.

Banjamin said Chakuamba arrived home while totally intoxicated and started swearing at his parents.

Chakuamba then revealed that he was going to kill himself on that particular night.

His father told police that Chakumba had previously attempted suicide but was quickly rescued by his parents.

But on Tuesday night there was no one to rescue him.

“As the family went to bed, he reportedly sneaked back into the house and picked a nylon rope and hanged himself just 500 meters away from the parents’ home.

“He was discovered dead in the morning of Wednesday,” said Benjamin.

Police and medical personnel went to the scene and later postmortem revealed that Chakuamba died of strangulation.

Chakuamba hailed from Mandere Village, Traditional Authority N’gabu in Chikwawa.

Meanwhile, police are advising the public to desist from taking their own lives whenever faced with problems, but to report to authorities for help.