Grave robbers steal private parts


Thugs in Mzimba on Sunday dug up a grave and stole a dead man’s private parts.

According to a police report, the incident occurred at MBC location, Traditional Authority M’mbelwa in the district.

The report says a 30-year-old man identified as Vasco Nkhoma died after hanging himself in a video showroom at Mzimba trading centre on January 22.

MchinjiHe was laid to rest on 23 January at MBC location graveyard.

Yesterday a woman who was passing by the graveyard discovered that the grave of Nkhoma was tampered with. She reported the matter to the area’s village headman who later informed Mzimba Police.

The law enforcers went to the graveyard where upon exhuming the body they discovered that the body had no private parts.

Police have since opened a case and are investigating the matter.



  1. Insteady of leaving the deceased soul to RIP,that’s having a devilish and demonic minded,they assume they’ll get I doubt if they can,now look what calamity has befallen them,the world is like a mirror,if you smile at it,also smiles back to you too,short cuts are always dangerous.

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