19-year-old girl commits suicide


A 19-year-old girl in Chitipa has committed suicide by hanging after she was found having sex with her boyfriend.

The girl Mary Mwamphashi was staying with her elderly parents at Samphara village in the district.

On 19th January, her uncle found her in a bush having sex with her boyfriend. When the two saw the uncle they escaped.

Following the incident, the girl was afraid of going back home and she decided to spend the night at the boyfriend’s home.

While there, the girl discovered that the man is fond of marrying women and dumping them after a short period.

On the same night, the girl left the man’s house but she did not go back to her parents’ home and was reported missing.

On 25th January, cattle herders found her body hanging from a tree in another village.

Police have since said that the girl committed suicide and no foul play is suspected.

Maria hailed from Samphara village, Traditional Authority Mwaulambya in Chitipa.



  1. kkkkkkkkkk anawapedzelera ndani osavinidwayo a police mangangani munthu ndi amene wapangitsa izi bwanji anapedzerera anthu akupanga zawo?

  2. koma kwathu ku mmwera ndye eish, makolo kuchita kupereka nyumba, life is good even though titati tisapange uchimo but remember the devil is with us in this world not in heaven so noone would be 100% as long as he is in this world, but our God is wonderful and forgiving

  3. should i say Rest in peace?… hell no!! have to save it for somebody worth it,,,people get caught doin nasty things Wtf is having sex??

  4. The above picture has makes my district to be bad behavior among pple live in chitipa make sure ube engage in civic education by pple not like way it is

  5. Don’t pretend to be holly,,,,,amagwdwa atmk a Mulungu akpanga zmenez but never commit suicide xo iwe unali ndan,,,,I know umulandra chtnzo bt that z nt the solution mexa anali bf wak,,, ,, anyway waptabe bax RIP

  6. Sory !! Komabe Anthu Omuzungulira Sanamthandize Mmalo Mompatsa Upangili Wabwino Ithink Unakula Ndi Mnyozo But But Its Not Good Dziko Limadalira Anthu Ngati Awa {achinyamata Chonde Mukakhala Ndivuto Pezani Njira Ina Osati Kudzipha} May U R Soul Rest In Piece