Airtel 4G to cover three cities

Masiye Mazaza

Network provider Airtel Malawi has said its newly introduced 4G network will only cover three major cities in Malawi.

On Friday, January 20, Airtel launched 4G technology for faster and data connectivity in the capital city of Lilongwe.

Masiye Mazaza
Mazaza: the 4G technology will be enjoyed in the major cities.

The launch was attended by the country’s information minister Nicholas Dausi who commended Airtel for embracing the technology.

The 4G technology is an improvement from 3.7G technology that the company’s customers have been enjoying for a year.

In an interview with this publication, Airtel’s head of data and devices marketing Masiye Mazaza said the 4G technology will be currently enjoyed in the major cities of Malawi which are Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre.

According to Mazaza, subscribers in other areas will start using the 4G network in a few weeks’ time.

He however assured the company’s customers of reliable and fast internet with the newly launched 4G technology.

“Airtel Malawi has launched the 4G service, this is the high speed connectivity for internet users in Malawi.

“We have been operating on 3G, 3.5G and 3.7G over the years but due to the demands from internet users, there is more need actually for a service that can allow things like video calling, online conferences and that demand a network which is stable resilient and reliant like the 4G service so people should expect more stable, speed and reliable Internet.” Said Mazaza.

With a 4G powered phone or tablet, Airtel subscribers will be able to enjoy fast internet usage at homes, offices and while also traveling.

The innovation has also come along with 4G MiFi that connects to 10 people and enable them stream movies and videos.

Mazaza however said it is only 4G or LTE capable phones which will enjoy the new internet service.

In recent weeks, Malawians have been complaining of slow internet speed on the Airtel network.



  1. What about customers who are living in townships and rural areas? Otherwise Airtel customers in townships and rural areas will switch to TNM coz TNM’s 4.5G will be for all customers. And Airtel must know that about 60 percent of their customers live in townships and rural areas.

  2. Mukamaliza mutiuza mungoti mwapanga ichi lelo mwapanga ichi koma sizikupibsulisa mtundu wa amalawi. Osanena kuti mwapeza matchine opanga feteleza kapena njinga zamozambique zisamagwidwe kumalawi or

  3. So why mukumapanga ma advert kuti anthu azikasintha ma sim card kuti apange access 4G network yet kwinako sinafike? Mukungovutitsa anthu, and malo ena even 3G sinafike nkomwe. No logic here.

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