2018: election period gets nearer


The dawn of the year 2018 gives rise to tension on the political atmosphere as Malawi is nearing the 2019 general elections.

As the year has just begun, it is a clear sign that those in power might now start to assess themselves if people are to entrust them with another five year term.

Mkhutche: Citizens must reflect on the leadership.

Perhaps it is a time when Malawians are to be of value in the presence of politicians who are planning to contest during the elections in 2019.

The trend of voters and politicians relationship has been a sad one, as ordinary citizens always cry foul with empty promises during campaign period that are never fulfilled.

Politics in a Malawi is considered a career for self-enrichment as leaders do not to serve people who voted them into power.

The campaign time becomes a period when hope is given through politicians to citizens that Malawi’s poverty will end.

Promises of development are made to citizens by politicians who disappear into thin air once elected into power.

As the campaign period is around the corner, political expert Wonderful Mkhutche has advised citizens to reflect on the leadership of people they trust to represent them.

“Five years is a long period of time for voters to establish if their representative has done enough. Often people get carried away with material incentives and unjustified claims for failure from their leaders. Voters need to look beyond this and see the larger benefit in the people they are putting in power. Always, people deserve the leaders they vote for,” said Mkhutche.

He further urged politicians to always fulfil the promises they make during campaign period.

“In an ideal situation, politics has to develop people in several aspects. But in Malawi, just like in most countries, politics has been twisted to fit into limited understanding of it. When people trust you with power, take the opportunity to provide progress and transformation.

“It is not difficult in our context for a leader to know what needs to be done. Our challenge has always been priorities. But when trusted with power, leaders must make the most of it by allowing themselves to be vessels for change,” he added.



  1. Luke, you are always in hurry in presenting your research. It clearly shows that you write without conducting a thorough research. This is not what we used to do during our stay at Chinkwende residence in Chichiri.

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