Jah Prayzah tickets selling like hot cakes

The 2017 Premier Family Entertainment in Malawi definitely will be one for the books with performances from Jah Prayzah, Lawi, Saint, Lulu and Black Missionaries.

Jah Prayzah to entertain Malawians this Christmas.

To be held on 23rd and 24th December in Lilongwe and Blantyre respectively during the Christmas season, the audience from across the country will be entertained with cultural sounds of afro-beats and dancehall fused music.

With dates cleared for the event, Agulugufe Twelve Thousand say all is set for the Jah Prayzah tickets which are currently available in designated selling points. The organizers of the show have indicated that tickets were released for marketing on Monday 11th of December 20017.

According to the organisers’ spokesperson Africano Phiri, tickets are now available in all selling points across the country.

In his remarks, Phiri said the event will give the opportunity to thousands of Malawians to watch Jah Prayzah performing live in the country.

Explained Phiri in an interview: “We have started selling the tickets this week, the tickets are selling at a fast rate and the enthusiasm and excitement is high. We are excited to give our fans what they have been waiting for a long time. The speed at which the tickets are selling is very impressing and a good speed. We are encouraging all the fans to buy their tickets before Friday next week.”

Jah Prayzah is the trending marmite pop-stars probably at the top of the pile. Songs like “Mdhara Vachauya” are undeniably for someone to shake his body and dance to it.

The absolute quality of his songwriting and production also gives space for the audience to lip sync.

With many hard hitting songs, Jah Prayzah still manages to stack up the biggest name in the music industry and is in the music scene to stay. Creating utterly catchy hooks is Jah Prayzah’s forte; though if you are not singing Jah Prayzah featuring Mafikizolo “Sendekera” then you are missing one of the greatest tunes of all time.

In Lilongwe tickets are being sold at Maula Filling station, Mbowe, Cheza Café, Mtendere Family, Falcon Travel whereas in Blantyre fans are advised to get their tickets at Puma Shoprite, Zodiak Offices and Puma Nyambadwe.



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