Nsanje District Commissioner dead

Rapozo: No More

Gift Rapozo who until his death was Nsanje district commissioner had died.

Rapozo passed away Thursday morning at Blantyre Adventist Hospital (BAH) after succumbing to bowel obstructions.

His burial ceremony will take place on Saturday at Henry Henderson Institute Cemetery (HHI) in Blantyre.

Nsanje District Chief Administration Officer (CAO), Redgson Mkolombwe, said Rapozo passed on around 4:00am at the hospital.

“We can confirm the death of our DC Gift Abraham Rapozo. He was admitted at Blantyre Adventist Hospital where he has answered God’s call,” said the CAO.

“The mourning place is Chileka where he had a house but burial will be at HHI on Saturday,” said Mkolombwe

Gift Abraham Rapozo was born on November 6, 1969 and started working in government on march 1, 1993 as Assistant District Commissioner for Nsanje District.

Rapozo has worked for several districts in capacity as Assistant District Commissioner and District Commissioner.

Some of the districts where worked include Salima, Mwanza, Kasungu, Balaka and Luchenza Municipality.

He hails from Lihiro village, Traditional Authority Nkalo, Chiradzulu district.

He survived by two daughters and a wife.



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  2. I have learnt with great sadness the death of our Church Elder. He was humble and dedicated to church work. My sincere condolences to the bereaved family.

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