66 illegal immigrants arrested in Mzuzu


The Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services in the Northern Region has apprehended 66 Ethiopian nationals for entering the country illegally.

LilongweAccording to deputy immigration public relations officer for the north Francis Chitambuli, the immigrants were apprehended around Phwezi area in Rumphi after officers who were at Phwezi immigration checkpoint patrolled around the area when they received a tip from well-wishers that there were suspicious people hiding in the mountain.

The 66 were taken to Immigration offices and later detained at Mzuzu Prison where they are awaiting legal proceedings.

The arrest comes barely 6 days after the regional immigration office started roadblock operation close to Phwezi trading centre in Rumphi district as one way of curbing illegal immigration.



  1. Malawi is just the way to come to South Africa.if you ask those ethiopia akuuzani kuti sakufuna kukhala ku malawiko koma akungodutsa ulendo waku joburg.let them please

  2. any comment that based to back up that Malawi is also Ethiopians country is foolish, if it’s also them country then counties would not have immigration and citizenship…. let them in jail and wait for our taxes money to send them back to their recommend home…… anyasisa mtundu wa a Malawi munawaona ma Ethiopians inu??

  3. leave innocent people alone. Do you have food to feed them? Malawi is for everyone, Ethiopian brothers you are most welcome to malawi.