Six match ban for Gaba


The Premier Soccer League has officially handed a six match ban to the Bidvest Wits forward Gabadinho Mhango.

Mhango has been punished for spitting at Amazulu FC’s Michael Morton during a league match earlier this month.

Gabadinho Mhango

Gabadinho: Banned!

According to information made available to Malawi24, both Mhango and Morton have been handed suspensions.

Mhango did not feature for his side’s victory over Free State Stars in the Telkom Knockout, prompting the media to question reasons behind his absence, with Wits’ coach Gavin Hunt confirming that he was serving his suspension.

“He has been handed a six match ban. We are not surprised. It is according to Fifa rules. It is always a blow to lose any player and it is the case with Mhango but we have to find solutions,” Hunt was quoted in the local media.

Last week, the former Nyasa Big Bullets forward issued a public apology over the whole incident saying it should have never happened.

“The spitting incident should not have happened. Because of disciplinary action pending against me by both my club and the PSL, I was advised not to make any statements until such time as these processes were concluded.

“I have taken full responsibility for my actions in both disciplinary processes and now that they have been concluded, I can finally speak publicly about it.

“I have also met with Michael Morton, spoken to him about the incident and offered my heartfelt apologies to him and for provoking his reaction. I apologize to all that I have offended with my actions, and I pray and hope that you will all understand that whilst I was wrong, I am only human, and that you can all forgive me for my actions,” said in a statement made available to the media.

However, Morton, who has already served a three match suspension, will have to wait a little bit longer as he has been ordered to serve another two match ban after reacting angrily to being spat at by Mhango.



  1. Ma prayer akumalawi amakathera ku theba. Wateromo wantha basi kuzolowera juju ma prayer aku malawi nanga munthu akalavulire mzake si uthakati umeneo,

  2. The fact that he realises his mistake and apologise I like him,You’re not the first one Gabba you can come back and be an example to many Others ask Louis suerez,Ronald…. … they all once get match bans but they rise again!!

  3. The sad part is: he is getting this BAN while his team is Struggling. If his team found to be on the side of the Looses towards the end of the season ( August ) 2018, he will be blamed for his stupid actions or his contract will be terminated for his childish. This is South Africa and not our country Malawi.

  4. People will talk, talk and talk, but ma emotions plus reactions when tempered amasiyana. Zamuchitikira basi, it happens “accept the situation” . amunyoze asamunyoze Gabha will always be Gabha

  5. I’m happy he apologised for his misconduct. I’m sure he will come out a strong man after the ban. That’s football. Keep on training hard. All the best and never do it again.

    • But we haven’t heard Gaba side of the story what really happened may be this mzungu called Gaba a Monkey we want to know from there that’s where we can judge Gaba

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