Malawian featured in Egyptian advert

A Malawian up and coming actor has been featured in an advert alongside an Egyptian top model, a Paralympic champion and a girl who invented four new math formulae.

The actor Abdul Majeed Chikukula has recently been featured in a highly rated advert in which he acted as one of the main actors.

Abdul Majeed Chikukula featured in an advert.

Malawi24 caught up with the actor who said that he used to be acting as a background actor in Egyptian movies but now he has exceeded the limits by being featured in the advert as a major actor.

“I do act as a background actor in Egyptian movies so I established connections with casting agencies and whenever they need black actors to be featured as background actors they tell me.

“Then I was called for auditions for the movie shooting. When the assistant director saw me she just said I will need you to be a feature in the most important project, World Youth Forum 2017,” Chikukula told Malawi24 in an exclusive interview from Egypt.

According to the Malawian actor, he was surprised when he began acting and was told that it was the World Youth Forum Advert and he was lucky to be among the features.

“We were the main actors and the advert featured one of the top models, a Paralympic cyclist champion, an Egyptian girl Yasin who invented 4 new math formulae and a 16-year-old girl who has a car selling company,” Chikukula told Malawi24.

“The advert also featured two models from United Kingdom, a guy from Saudi Arabia, Emirates and other European countries,” he told Malawi24.

He said that the shooting of the advert took the whole day and they were climbing the Egyptian pyramids as monkeys.

So far in Egypt, Chikukula has been involved in four movies but only as a background actor.

Abdul Majeed Chikukula is a student at Cairo University studying Organic Farming.




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