Provoice sings love portions with Nepman, DNA


Malawi’s reggae dancehall sensation Provoice has served his fans with a hot music dish as his artistic story continues to unfold in 2017.

The song which he titles “Konda Ine” (love portions), features gigantic music figures, Nepman and DNA. It had a radio premiere on Monday.

Provoice, real name Lameck Mwenebanda, centres the message on love portions.

As the main character he expresses to his lover that he believes she has fed him love portions. However, he does not regret considering that this has made him more loving.

Provoice featured Nepman,DNA in Konda ine.

He strongly makes his feelings known to her as he expresses how hard it is to get her off his mind.

This drives him to believe that there are some forces behind his uncontrollable love, hence “wandidyesa konda ine” (you have fed me love portions).

The song ironically hails a woman’s love, beauty and everything good she does, which has influenced her lover to pay back with more love.

Mwenebanda told this publication on Wednesday that he deemed it wise to sing for ladies as a token of love.

“It’s just another sweet love story of a man who loves his woman so much that he can’t understand it and he doesn’t even care if she used love portions.”

The Lilongwe based artist has been overwhelmed by the audience’ response to his fresh work. Konda ine has become an ear’s citizen, less than a week after it dropped.



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