APM reshuffles cabinet: Kumpalume fired, Kasaila demoted

Francis kasaila

President Peter Mutharika has fired Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume in a major cabinet reshuffle announced today.

The reorganisation has also seen Joseph Mwanamvekha being appointed Minister of Agriculture, replacing George Chaponda who was fired earlier this year over his involvement in the maize purchasing scandal.

Peter Kumpalume
Peter Kumpalume: Fired

Henry Mussa has now been moved to Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to replace Mwanamvekha while lawyer Atupele Muluzi is the new Minister of Health.

Mutharika has appointed Anna Kachikho to take over from Muluzi as  Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

The reshuffle has seen Emmanuel Fabiano being moved from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he has replaced Francis Kasaila who has been demoted to Minister of Labour, which is Mussa’s old post.

Replacing Fabiano at the ministry of Education is Bright Msaka who himself has been replaced at the Ministry of Mining and Natural Resources by Aggrey Massi who was Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Mutharika has since appointed Everton Chimulilenji as Deputy Defence Minister to replace the fired Vincent Ghambi while Clement Mkumbwa is the new Deputy Minister of Gender.

According to a statement from the office of the president, the president has also appointed Charles
Mhango as the new Attorney General following the expiry of the contract for Kalekeni Kaphale.

Here is the new cabinet:

His Excellency Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika – President of the Republic of Malawi and Minister of Defence

Right Honourable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima Vice President of the Republic of Malawi

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development – Goodall Gondwe

Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism – Henry Mussa

Minister of Health – Atupele Muluzi.

Minister of Agriculture – Joseph Mwanamvekha

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Emmanuel Fabiano

Minister of Mining and Natural Resources – Aggrey Massi

Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development – Anna Kachikho

Minister of Education – Bright Msaka

Minister of Gender – Jean Kalilani

Minister of Local Government –Kondwani Nankhumwa

Minister of Home Affairs – Grace Chiumia

Minister of Information – Nicholas Dausi Minister of Labour – Francis Kasaila

Minister of Justice – Samuel Tembenu

Minister of Transport – Jappie Mhango

Civic Education Minister – Cecelia Chazama

Deputy Defence Minister – Everton Chimulilenji

Deputy Gender Minister  – Clement Mkumbwa




  1. Tell bwampini Aka apm….reshuffle again n again wont help bring change …but good leadership skills accompsnied by brilliant adeas followed by real actions for better tomorrow

  2. Whatever…we all talk talk and talk..but APM have the final say…what ever those so called corrupt monsters or ministers are still holding the mantle, malawi will still be hell of a pkace to be.

  3. That not enough when fighting corruption. Arrest Chaponda so that this havoc looting public funds stop.. Firing will be like encouraging them to loot then get package and enjoy our funds. But he must return money and arrested or else 2019 the whole crew involved will breath fire.

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  5. Zingatheke Munthu Kukhala Ndima Exprience Amaunduna Onse? Kapena Mukumuphunzitsa Kuendetsa Boma? Ingolengezani Kuti Atupere Ndi Presdent Wa Dpp, A Dpp Mukumuona Bwanji Atupele? Iye Ndiwachipanichina Akumangomusintha Maudindo Iniake Mulichete, Simukufuna Kutsogolo Et

  6. Mwanamveka Agriculture? Atupele Ministry Of Health? Hey!!! What Ashame~Is It Wrong To Say Ministry Of Agriculture Belongs To Mhlakho?Do U see Atupele Doing The Best?Mind U Mr Mhlakho Enough Is Enough Just Wait Your Days To Elapse

  7. Kumpalume amagwirabwino nchito yake koma a DPP amakonda anthu oti adziwathandiza kusolola. Peter Kumpalume wathandiza kusinthitsa zinthu, ku Unduna wu.

  8. Kumpalume amachita bwino chifukwa wachotsedwa?Kodi sinu nomwe munkati Ku chipatala mankhwala kulibe,ma nurse sakulembedwa ntchito.Ndiye ubwino wake unali pati?Kapena chifukwa ndi wakwanu?

  9. Kkkkkk KODI do pipo chose for him??Mwananveka in place of chaponda??It’s like one changing Jackets n pretending he is some one else.Not a gud move Mr P

  10. Mr president has shown how incompetence and unstable he is.Why Dr peter Kumpalume out?after kumpale perfoming well and above the average,the health sector has been transformed by him.Very shame Atupere in healthy?aaaa thats chilrldsh,the minister who lied about Kamuzu stadium innovation his now in trade ministry kkk and the minister who is failing to adress nation matter like Grace Chiumia stl maintains her position so sad.It is now the time that dpp led government should stop politisicing isues that affect nationalwide.Let us watch and see

    1. Not true I’m afraid. Ministers not in good favor are always the ones despatched to Labour. In other countries this ministry has a high status and is properly funded. Not so in Mw.

    2. Labour is not a lower Ministry why fund too much when it is role is more of direction and advisory?Mind you iam Management Inspector on Organization and Hrmd

    3. some ministries like this one of foreign affairs gives an enormous chance of exposure to many countries, hence its superiority over other ministries. this is just an assumption.

  11. This is not reorganisation but disreorganisation,thisnature of reshuffle also happened here in S.Africa when Zuma reorganised the cabinet and fired his finance minister regardless of his experience,as for Malawians don’t worry coz Mr Pitala ‘ll be defeated at early morning hours come 2019

  12. Nthawi yobelanso,kaya nokha konko ife kuno sitimasamalanso zoti kuli presdent or monisters. Fuck all.tinazitaya kalekale,kuvotanso tinacniuka kuti ndichithu chotaisanilapo nthawi chabe.kwinaku akumziwa okha woti azilamulira.

  13. Min of agriculture is earmarked for Lhomwe belt. Sangapatse munthu wamba. Kumeneko ndikomwe kuli loophole ya cashgate. That means issues za Chaponda will be thoroughly covered up. As simple as that. But Msaka sakanakhala Ku education. Komanso Atupele…min of Health? Kaya kapena coz ndiza administration. Mu cabinet monsemu if there’s one such a minister who has seen “shifting cultivation” ndiye ndi Atupele since APM became president. Bakili did that to Aleke Banda. Reason was that AKB was a transformer. Is Atupele such?

  14. I Do Symphathise With Peter Kumpalume,the Guy Was Competent In His Ministry Unlike Atupele.Goodal Gondwe,samuel Tembenu,emanuel Fabiano & Kumpalume Well Placed But Enawa Idont Knw What They Wil B Doing In Those Ministries

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