Man impersonates female prostitute

Police in Lilongwe have this morning arrested a man for impersonating a female prostitute to steal from clients.

Kanengo police publicist Salome Zgambo Chibwana identified the man as Von Gomani.

Zgambo said Gomani who is male looks like a female and he wanted to use that to deceive men.

Von Gomani: In the hands of police.

In the wee hours of Monday, Gomani dressed up like a woman, wore hair extensions and stood along Kaunda road in the city.

“A man later took him thinking he was a woman. They went together and booked a room. It was in that room that the other man noticed that the person he picked is not a lady but rather a fellow man,” said Zgambo.

The client then took the impostor to police because he felt deceived and suspected that the fake prostitute wanted to steal from him.

Von Gomani comes from Kapetera village, T/A Kapeni in Blantyre and will appear in court soon to answer charges of soliciting for immoral purposes which is under section 180 sub section (e) of the penal code.



  1. There is no wonder or doubt, #To those who read & believe in the holy scriptures from the Bible, that these must happens before the end has come; Jesus has already foretold, & warn us; so that we may know, we must prepare my fellow christians, these are the events to show us that he is on the door now we are leaving in the last days now,#Satan is very busy now to take away even those were chosen!!!

    1. No it’s not a sin he born like that; he just wants to do such things, to fulfill his addictions in his life, but don’t forget that all who are doing such things; they are ambassadors of Devil ? “Lucifer”

  2. Poverty imeneyi mukuganiza akadyele kuti. Amumasule nsanga mizimu ya agogo anga isanakwiye ndi ufulu wake kuwoneka ngati baby kapena dolo. Bwani osakamanga abilimankhwe kutchile poti nawo amasintha sintha. As far as he is not a Gay is not guilty amasulidwe nsangansanga

  3. No thats transgender his right has to be respected. The Man who picked him should also be published and be charged for Stealing Laptop and Phone from the Transgender man. It should not only favor one part. Am suprise to where is human rights activist. After all he did not stole anything from a man nor attempted to steal iyeyo samawona kuti mamunayo samawona kuti nkazi sakhala opanda mabele??? mamunayo ngati satchulidwa ine nditchula

    1. Are you for real? A man dressing as a woman is an abomination, and the whole concept of “transgender” is sick and disgusting. A man can chop off his privates to be a woman but he is still a man. They should be put to death, just like God intended and commanded for such sick perverts. Leviticus 20:13, Deuteronomy 22:5

  4. Did he say he is a female?? Did you ask him before taking him? Did he say he want to steal from you? Kkkkkkk palibe nkhani apa ndipo akanakuberanidi, inu kungotola mu nseu basi????? Kkkkkkk

    1. Exactly, they are disgusting, filthy animals. “oh that’s not nice and loving” GOD calls them dogs (Deuteronomy 23:17-18) and brute beasts (2 Peter 2:12-14)

  5. Normally, Malawi men and women look a like. Malawian men have bears and so do Malawian women. Malawian men have short hair and so Malawian women. Round faced, while other people are oval faced. in fact Malawian women are so ugly and that’s why our ethnic group would never get married to Malawians. Indians never marry Malawians. they have rough skin, thighs like footballers, biceps like body builders. it’s too much. So it’s actually easy for a Malawian male to impersonate in a female. Zimbabwean women are really pure africans they look Burundians or Rwandese, maybe because of high civilization emanating from long history of good education. It’s high time for malawians to eating food that will make them better creatures with attractive body structure. not fat nose, fat face, fat chicks, fat fat everything.

    1. Ibrahim Afzal well to be fair, the guy who picked him up is also committing an offense, serves him good to find a surprise. ?

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  7. Firstly i think the reported on this story has their facts twisted. For someone to call and refer to a Trans-Woman in a male form is so degrading and offensive. I would rather the reporter sits down and talks to the “impersonator” and hear their story and who they are. People seem to jump to conclusions easily and label others into categories.

    1. They said it as it is. Men are men and women are women. There are intersex people (haemophrodites) but that man isn’t one of them.

    2. Referring to a trans-woman as a male is degrading and offensive? Those perverts should not be allowed to live! They are just queers with their privates chopped off. Man can never become woman and woman can never become man. Curse this wicked world for even trying.

  8. Yuck, that’s disgusting – what a tranny faggot! See Malawi, this is normal in the West, that’s why you must do everything you can to not become like the Westerners.

  9. koma ku court bamboyo adazipita kukachita testify. Chifukwa nayenso adaoneka kuti ndi hule basi kkkkk.
    his wife will know kuti mamuna wake hdi hule chifukwa patsikulo ananama kuti aweluka mochedwa

  10. Kikkkkkkki sadalakwise azibambo ma sugar dadie mwaonjeza musaone wasiketi mask tong’o tong’o kuyimisa ndi galimoto mwati ndikuthandizeni mupita kuti?chonsecho mamuna nzanu ali mu thalauza simuyima apa muphunzirepo phunziro

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