Kwathu entertains Blantyre on Independence Day


As people in the capital city of Lilongwe were watching a football match between Silver Strikers and Nyasa Big Bullets on Independence Day, those in Blantyre went to Blantyre Cultural Centre for a play by Kwathu Drama Group.

In addressing sensitive gender based violence against women in the country, one of the country’s well known drama groups, Kwathu, launched their new play.

The play is titled ‘Mulhakho na Mphatikino’

Performed ‘Mulhakho na Mphatikino’.

It highlights some of the gender based violence issues which affects Malawian women but they do not voice them out due to traditions and culture.

Erick Mabedi, Bon Kalindo, Linda Chatha, Evance Mbewe and Enifa Chiwaya made it possible that everyone watching should forget their problems as the actors through their play told a story of a girl who married a South Africa based man she had never met.

The girl’s family arranged her marriage after seeing pictures of the boy.

As per tradition the girl moved from her home in Nsanje and went to stay with boy’s family in Thyolo.

There, the young woman was turned into a ‘house maid’ as she was doing all housework and was not allowed to leave the compound as the man’s family claimed they paid bride price.

Meanwhile, the man kept promising her that he will come to Malawi but after 5 years he didn’t come to even see his wife.

Then the girl got pregnant yet her husband was still away and it was not told who was responsible between the uncle of her husband and a brother to her husband.

The play ended when uncle of the boy called parents of the girl to return the bride price but to no avail as the girl’s parents said they wanted two children from their daughter claiming they couldn’t have kept her for 5 years without a single baby.

The play which was first launched at Mulanje view Motel in Mulanje last Sunday goes to Mwanza at Mwanza Motel on Saturday before another performance in Lilongwe on Sunday 9th July 2017 at Akulenje Inn Hall.



  1. These people have performed for a long time. I think they should also consider doing television plays because not all people can travel to where they are playing and also with the coming in of more television stations, they can get more money.

  2. Marvelous, educative,real issue in our society, kwathu are the giants,every scene was good!keep it up! The play is of high definition.

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