No rest for Peter: civil servants to join teachers’ strike next week


The economic hiccups that have made the cost of living to be high in Malawi will force civil servants under Civil Service Trade Union (CSTU) to protest the 10 percent salary increment being offered by government.

During the 2017/18 budget presentation, minister of finance Goodall Gondwe disclosed that civil servants in Malawi are to get 10 percent hike on their perks.

But the 10 percent pay increment has witnessed a protest by CSTU members who argue that the money that they are to receive after the salary hike will not meet their costs of living.

Malawi nurses

Civil servants to start strike next week.

CSTU members are reported to have mobilized to meet to protest the increment at Capital Hill in Lilongwe, though they were blocked by police officers.

Reports disclose that two CSTU members were arrested by heavily armed officers for trying to coax Capital Hill workers through meetings.

General Secretary for CSTU Madalitso Njolomole said the workers are to down tools if government fails to approve the minimum salary of K75,000 per month.

Njolomole added that they are to meet Chief Secretary to the government Lloyd Muhara on the matter on Friday this week.

This comes as academic staff at Chancellor College (Chanco) are demanding equal salary with fellow lectures at College of Medicine (CoM).

Government’s failure to pay teachers their arrears has also witnessed the education sector crippling as teachers are staging a sit in that has left some students with no choice but to be playing at school with hope that teachers are to get to work soon.



  1. Shasha, I totally agree with you. MHC has raised rental fees by 48% and yet government is proposing a 10% salary increase for civil servants. I dont understand either the rationale used. How does one pay for the difference? This obviously facilitate people to be more corrupt to make ends meet. Just an opinion .

  2. Shasha, I totally agree with you. MHC has raised its rental fees by 48% and government proposes 10% increase for civil servants. I dont also

  3. APM is so lazy actually he went ot state house to enjoy. I dont know he is going to solve this issue. However for him to wake up from his deep slumber all civil servants should go for strike

  4. What benchmark has government used to give a 10% increment to the civil servants? If MHC has increased monthly rentals for their dilapidated houses, how could the government come up with a 10% increment?Increments are made to cushion the current cost of living. Tengani ka ten kwacha kanuko.

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